The First Post!

Of course the first has to deal with sports but what can I say it’s one of my biggest passions and sports are a big part of me. Sports, everyone has a favorite team that they root for or a favorite team to root against, sports speak a universal language and connect people from all walks of life. People are passionate and loyal to a fault for their team and I’m no different. I must admit that at times I am that screaming obnoxious fan who people just want to shut up. We all know though that that’s never going to happen, I always have an opinion on the world of sports and will be happy to offer it up. I like to consider myself an educated sports fan who shows unbiased opinions (unless it comes to Ohio State) and will gladly talk sports with anyone. I’ve always had these strong opinions on sports and now I feel like its a great time to share them. From time to time I’ll throw my hat in the ring and weigh in on whats buzzing in the sports world and of course I’ll always have an opinion on my Buckeyes. Here’s to some fun and educated sports talk!


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