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Presentation Week

One thing that you learn quick in business school is that almost every class has group work and you will work with tons of different people, some you like others you don’t it just comes with the territory.  And of course there is inevitably that week where  all your group projects are due and have to be presented, for me that was this week (well really this week and the start of next week). Three different classes, three different projects, and three different groups of people. What a nightmare! For most of this quarter I found myself showing up to meetings and saying “what is this meeting about again?”  It was a ton of work but i have to admit now that I am 2/3 of the way through its been lots of fun too. I’ve learned tools and techniques that I can carry with me throughout my career and has only solidified my passion for my degree. I’m working on real world problems rather than just busy work. Now the professor can be difficult sometimes to say the least but overall its been good. The only thing I could suggest for the school is to show people this earlier it makes what your learning stick with you longer. But all in all a very sucessful presentation day and hopefully week.


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