Work Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my professional life after college. I accepted a position as a manager trainee for a fortune 50 medical company back in early September but the big catch was I wouldn’t know where I would be located until the Spring. While not ideal I accepted because this is an awesome opportunity. After months of waiting and wondering I finally got word that I would be headed the Montgomery, NY area. This was definitively a shock and something that is still sinking in. I’ve never lived an hour from my hometown and now I’m going to live 11 hours away!!! It will especially be hard on the girlfriend and my pup that I’m gone, but as I keep telling her she gets a cool new vacation spot and she knows where she can come live in a year:) The new challenge has shifted from where will I be to where will I live!? 11 hours is a long way away and I have no idea about the area. So I have scheduled a trip with my family to make a weekend trip to find a place. We will be going on  May 11th-13th. It should be a fun trip and one that I will fill you in on! Things are finally starting to fall into place as far as life after college and ill keep you updated on all of it!

 Along Way from Home!!!

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