Reds Rain Out A Blessing in Disguise


Inclement weather made it’s way through the region today and unfortunately the worst of it waited to come through in the evening causing the Reds to cancel the game against the Cubs this evening. No make up date has been announced as of yet. Due to this rain out the Reds will now have had two days off this week. This extra rest cannot be under valued and could become a real boost for this club over the next few weeks. With a few players such as Cairo and Phillips banged up an extra day at anytime is a welcomed sight. After this week the Reds begin a grueling stretch where they only have one day off for the rest of the month. Add to this that they play some of the strongest team in the league (Brewers, Nationals, Mets, Braves, Yankees, Rockies, Pirates) this day off could really be a blessing. Another thing to think about is that this extra time will give all the pitchers an extra day of rest which this early in the season shouldn’t be a big deal but for guys like Latos and Leake who have not completely go locked in an extra day of rest might just be the recipe for success. Add this extra day of rest with some rested position players specifically Jay Bruce this could be an excellent month of May. Speaking of Bruce who has been on an impressive run lately hit 12 HR and had 33 RBI last May to earn NL player of the Month. He looks locked in so everyone should sit back and enjoy the show, this month will be fast paced and action filled!

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