A Win for the Reds and a Win For Me

Today’s afternoon Reds vs. Cubs game was not televised leaving me a little disappointed however I had a mid-term at 3:30 PM so it actually worked out. As I sit on my couch reading page after page of transportation notes wishing I could be doing anything other than this I keep track of the Reds through game cast apparently wishing they were doing something else too. Facing the 35 year old Ryan Demster (It’s his birthday today) looked completely overmatched through eight innings, or at least that’s how it appeared on my computer screen. The Reds only mustered 3 hits through eight innings and as I headed into my mid-term were down 3-0. Naturally I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, another Reds lose was imminent which would drop them once again below the .500 mark and this exam was going to be just as painful to sit through. Thirty minutes later I emerge from my exam feeling accomplished knowing that I didn’t ace it but hey I don’t need to I graduate in 4 weeks! I grab my phone to confirm what I knew must have been a lose to only discover the score 4-3 on the screen! I investigate and find out that the Reds “B” squad that Dusty Baker ran out there today finally woke up with lots of help from Carlos Marmol in the 9th and finally finished off the Cubbies in the 10th. Now not being able to watch the game I can’t comment on what went on but one thing that I have to say about this team is that if anything they are resilient. Facing the possibility of falling 2 games under .500 again they found a way to pull out a victory. That is what a winning team does! Even when your being overmatched on a lazy Thursday by a mediocre 35 year old pitcher fresh off the DL you find a way to win, you have to because teams like the Brewers and Cardinals will and before you know it will be 10 games out and the playoffs will be a mere fantasy. So today on this warm and sunny Thursday I was able to complete my final mid-term of college and be rewarded with a Reds walk off win when I finished. Not bad for a Thursday, now for another successful and victorious Friday and an off day for me 🙂 As always keep it going and GO REDS!!!


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