An Avenging Night for the Reds

Last night I was unable to watch the Reds game once again because I went to the new Avengers movie. Not only did this movie look amazing but part of it was shot in my hometown so it will always be a special movie in my mind. While I was enjoying the movie the Reds were busy avenging some tough losses from last year at the hands of the Pittsburgh Pirates. In fact last year Pittsburgh went 10-5 against Cincinnati which is surprising since they really struggled last year. Right as the previews were ending I was pleased to receive a text alert that the Reds had in fact won their game 6-1 with some heroic efforts from Johnny Cueto, Drew Stubbs and Zack Cozart. This game was a critical one for the Reds as it finally put them above .500 for the first time since April 8th when they were 2-1. After analyzing and dissecting my favorite parts of the movie with my girlfriend this morning I came up with an idea, I wanted to look at the Reds roster and compare them to the super heroes of the Avengers. So here is the first player on the team. I will do a new avenger each day this week so make sure you come back to see who’s next!!!

Joey Votto – Thor

   Image         Image         

While Votto isn’t a demigod like Thor many people out there think he (especially my girlfriend!). Thor a king of a distant world comes to earth and protects it with his life doing whatever it takes to keep the world he has come to love safe. And on top of that he packs a mean punch with that hammer. Votto has come to Cincinnati and become one of baseball’s most feared hitters. He consistently hits over .300 and is good for 25 HR and 100 RBI. What really makes him similar to Thor is that he recently signed a 10 yr $225 Million contract that will keep with the Reds for the rest of his career. By doing this Votto has stood up and proclaimed his love for the city of Cincinnati and his willingness to protect it from mediocrity. No longer will Cincinnati faithful have to watch a star rise only to leave for greener pastures a few years later. No longer will people say, “we have talent coming we should be good in a few years.” With Votto we are good now and capable of anything. He has become the protector of Cincinnati. 

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