Weekend in Sports

It has been far too long since my last post and much of that is attributed from moving and starting a job but I’m back now and hope to keep up on this. I am going to change this up a bit and go with the less is more philosophy. I will focus less about one thing and more about a lot of things. I am going to go to give my two cents about multiple subjects and do quick hitters type of post.

With that we will go with this weekend in sports and it was action filled! Let’s start in college football, its back!!!

  • My Buckeyes win in the debut of Urban Meyer with a 56-10 rout of Miami (OH) out of the MAC.
  • Braxton Miller makes strong statement accounting for 368 yards (207 passing 1TD, 161 Rushing 2 TDs)
  • Check out this catch by Devin Smith


  • Speaking of the MAC or shall I say MAC Attack!! Headlined by OU beating PSU, NIU has a 1 point loss to Iowa, BG sticks with Florida, and Toledo losses by 7 to Arizona.
  • I believe OU with Tyler Tettleton will be very tough team all season. Watch out for the Bobcats from Athens!
  • Michigan well all I can say is welcome back to reality…
  • Game to watch next weekend is Texas A&M vs. Florida. Florida looked very beatable in first game and TAM will be fired up in first SEC game.

How about those Reds!?

  • Lose to the Phillies today but still have a 9.5 game lead as St. Louis is playing.
  • The Reds looked anemic today on offense and I fear this may become a regular sight in the playoffs when they face supreme pitching.
  • The Reds need Mr. Votto back now…enough with the rehab his presence alone changes the way pitchers deal with the Reds lineup. Look for him to be back soon and the Reds to surge into the playoffs.
  • Magic number stands at 19…we can taste October!

That’s it for now, Hope to keep this up!

  1. #1 by Kate on September 4, 2012 - 8:51 AM

    I think Votto needs to get back in the game. The reds need him back! And you are right– watch out for those bobcats!

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