About Me


My name is Cody Sanders, I’m currently a senior in college at The Ohio State University. I love the college  lifestyle, it’s filled with lots of fun, freedom, sports, hanging out, and of course studying. Recently it dawned on  me that this life that I love will soon come to an end as I embark on a new adventure as a professional. I  remember often the day I walked into my first class as a bright eyed freshman craving for knowledge and  looking forward to all the time I had left at this great university. That day is long gone, however it got me to  thinking how cool it would be to chronicle these last few months of college as well as the new journeys that will soon begin. I also will be focusing on my love of sports and will post game previews, reviews and everything in between. So this blog will be my journey from a buckeye to the big time. Enjoy!

  1. #1 by Joe Sadek on November 18, 2011 - 12:45 AM

    Cody, I’m really glad you made this. I’m happy for you and I hope the best for your blog. Also, I hope we can fill it with good times before the end of senior year! you’re the man.

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