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Major League Monday 4/23/2012

Hey everyone!

Today is Major League Monday which is where I will put on my sports analyst cap and give a weekly preview of my favorite sports team that is in season. That means right now we will be focusing on the Cincinnati Reds. Enjoy and Go Reds!!!

Current Record: 7-9 (4-6 Road, 3-3 Home)

Next Week: 3 vs. Giants, 3 vs. Astros

Overview of the week:

After enduring a  4-6 road stand the Reds are finally coming back to GABP to clash with the Giants and Astros this week. These two teams have a combined 14-17 record and will be a welcomed sight for the Reds who have already had to play two division leaders in the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals (twice) in this early season. The key to this week will be the pitching of the new guy in the rotation Mat Latos. To this point Latos has had three starts and in a word has been AWEFUL (0-2 8.22 ERA). He has great stuff but has been lacking command and looks to be pressing to get that first ‘W’ as a Red. With Latos getting the ball twice this week it will be crucial for him to get things rolling to complement the strong starts of Johnny Cueto and Bronson Arroyo.

On the other side the Reds offense has finally started to come around and show life after starting off very slowly. The hamstring of Brandon Phillips is still a concern and with chilly weather expected in Cincinnati this week it will be interesting how Dusty Baker handles it. One thing is certain and that is the Reds need a healthy Brandon Phillips to make a playoff run this season because he is the spark plug at the top of the line up not to mention a gold glover at 2B. Another thing to watch is to see if there is a shakeup in playing time at 3B as Scott Rolen is batting .170 and has looked very slow up there at the plate. With Todd Frazier hitting .333 granted only 6 AB I would give him a look. The continued strong play of Drew Stubbs will also be welcomed as he continues to look more comfortable after looking like he would break his own Reds strikeout record this season. With the Reds being 4.0 games out this will be a very good opportunity to gain ground early in this season and keep pressure on the 1st place Cardinals.

Bold prediction: 4-2 (2 of 3 in each series)

Player of the week: Mat Latos – Latos has had a rough start to this season like I said earlier but I think this is the perfect time for him to break out of this slump and help the Reds get a couple of victories. I’m predicting he goes 7 innings strong both starts and keeps each team under 3 runs.








Last Week’s Memorable Moment: Bronson Arroyo’s dominate outing against the Cardinal that was the start of a 4 game stretch where the Reds won 3.

Minor League Report: Billy Hamilton! If you don’t know this guy you should stole 103 bases last year in the minors and many say he is the fastest guy in baseball. There is a story out there that last week he scored on a sac fly to second base but I haven’t seen it. Don’t take my word for it though check out this video.



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And I’m down to 1….

Saturday Ohio State takes on Penn State in the shoe at 3:30 pm and for me it will be my last home game as a student in the Shoe. This game will not only be a big game for the teams but for me as well, in fact one of my fondest memories of my freshman year came during the Penn State weekend. College game day was covering that game as OSU was ranked #10 and Penn State #3 and there was tons of hype. OSU had the bruiser Beanie Wells and a super freshman you may have heard of named Terrelle Pryor. My dorm had decided we wanted to make it on game day so we made a huge sign and ended up sleeping outside it the freezing rain and cold to get a front row spot on the show. It turned out to be a great success as our poster was shown quite a few times and of course we got those cool hard hats! (I’m the guying directly above the “E” in ESPN)

College Gameday

The best part of the whole college gameday experience was that I actually didn’t have a ticket to the game but one of my friends who liked my dedication actually gave me a ticket!!! Score!!! This day was just getting better and better! After a much needed nap after gameday  I went to the game and that’s where the day took a nose dive, many OSU fans will forever remember this.

"The Fumble"

A devastating end to an overall pretty decent game but we on the short end of a 13-6 score. After this game is when my dislike for PSU really grew, numerous fans where gloating and making fun of TP, really being classless and offensive at times. It really made me realize that I’m a passionate fan but never want to be like the PSU fans I met.

Fast forward to 2010 when PSU is back in the Shoe this time we are ranked #8 and PSU #11. Another big game on the big stage. This time we fell behind early and low and behold the cocky PSU fans are coming out of the woodwork, yelling and cursing at us and telling us how worthless we are. Of course after an incredible turn around in the second half that saw OSU pull away and eventually win 38-14 I took a little bit of pleasure watching their fans leave with their head hung, but one thing I made sure of was to not say a word and act like my team had been their before.

That brings me back to this years game where the off the field issues are dominating the headlines more than whats on it. From the Tat 5 to the sex abuse scandal most people won’t even care whats going on on the field. Their are a few things I do hope to see before during and after the game. First, I want OSU fans to show some class and respect to all PSU fans and the team, they are just as hurt and shocked as we are about the horrific events that are being described in the sex abuse case there is no need to throw salt on the wound. We have the greatest fan base in the world so lets show PSU and the nation just that. And on a more football related side I want to see of course an OSU victory but I want to see some improvement. Braxton Miller has only thrown for over 100 yards twice this season and that is a major issue, for the love of God can we please crack open the 3rd or even 4th page of the playbook! Let him throw down field take some chances and at the very least keep the defense honest. Also, give Carlos Hyde the ball!!! This guy is a beast and deserves some touches especially in the red zone where we can use a guy that weights 235 pounds. On the defense lets hope they remember how to tackle and watch for freshman Ryan Shazier to be making lots of plays.

Overall I see a close game but I’m going with OSU- 14 PSU- 10 and what a nice way to go out for my final OSU game as a student,  and as always lets hope for a good clean game and some respect show by buckeye nation.

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The First Post!

Of course the first has to deal with sports but what can I say it’s one of my biggest passions and sports are a big part of me. Sports, everyone has a favorite team that they root for or a favorite team to root against, sports speak a universal language and connect people from all walks of life. People are passionate and loyal to a fault for their team and I’m no different. I must admit that at times I am that screaming obnoxious fan who people just want to shut up. We all know though that that’s never going to happen, I always have an opinion on the world of sports and will be happy to offer it up. I like to consider myself an educated sports fan who shows unbiased opinions (unless it comes to Ohio State) and will gladly talk sports with anyone. I’ve always had these strong opinions on sports and now I feel like its a great time to share them. From time to time I’ll throw my hat in the ring and weigh in on whats buzzing in the sports world and of course I’ll always have an opinion on my Buckeyes. Here’s to some fun and educated sports talk!


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