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Jay Bruce – Captain America

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In the Avengers Captain America is a symbol of hope and optimism, never giving up and always believing there is a way to win. He is a team player to a fault and will do anything for his country (I mean anything have you seen the Captain America movie? He flies a plane into the ocean and lives!). Much like Captain America Jay Bruce has been a symbol of hope and optimism for the Reds for almost 5 years now. Jay is a country boy born and raised in Beaumont, Texas and was drafted 12th overall in 2005 by the Reds. I still remember after he was drafted that he was being touted as the next perennial slugger and he was going to be the saving grace to the organization (I mean with a nickname like Bruce Almighty you can tell the expectation were high). When Bruce finally debuted in the majors 2008 he went on a 6 game tear that only a few major league players have ever done. Bruce reached base in his first 6 plate appearances and had a slugging percentage of 1.000 an unheard of number. Since that time Bruce has been a staple in the lineup and has been a model player for the Reds. He is still a symbol of hope for the Reds and its faithful and always gives them optimism when he steps to the plate. Whenever he gets a hit or has a nice play BRUUUUUUUCCCCCEEEE!!! echoes through Great American Ballpark. Jay Bruce is a player that the fans love and unite behind, one who has been faithful and dedicated and one who at any moment can turn hope and optimism into jubilation and celebration with one crack of the bat.


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